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Stoltzfus Enterprises, manages design-build construction projects with an unparalleled reputation of integrity and innate quality

Responsibility and Excellence

Stoltzfus Enterprises works primarily as a design-build construction firm. Our clients involve us at the beginning of their project to guarantee exceptional results at the end of their project. This building process eliminates bidding wars on a pre-designed project allowing the contractor to prioritize quality over a low bid and affords the customer peace of mind for their final result. Let Stoltzfus Enterprises take responsibility for your project and show you the difference that it makes when a contractor is really paying attention from the very beginning.

Innate Quality, Always Meticulous

Experience, attention to detail, and proper planning allow us to constantly produce excellent projects for valued clients. Construction is an investment, and for Stoltzfus Enterprises, quality and attention to detail are innate. Excellence starts from the bottom and remains a priority until the project is completed. At Stoltzfus Enterprises, we understand the importance of reliability, which is why we provide our clients with consistent high-quality results. Our clients can be confident they are getting the finest results possible.

Driving Factor: Honesty

Contractors utilize many adjectives to describe their business: fast, best, inexpensive, quality, fast-tracked. But to us, none of these mean much without another one: honest. Working for many repeat clients in both the commercial and private sectors over the last 4+ decades testifies to what we are: a business built on integrity. Honesty drives excellence which keeps clients coming back time and time again. Clients can be assured that they are receiving reliable results each time they work with Stoltzfus Enterprises.
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“Our Stoltzfus custom home buildings story began with an introduction to Merle during one of my husband Johnny’s spontaneous drop-ins to their model. Calm conversations with Merle lead us to considerate and creative consultations with his brother Dave. True to Merle’s word, our Schoolhouse at Olde Bulltown became a reality through a dynamic, living collaboration with Dave. Our ideas commingled with Dave’s artistic vision along with his thoughtful, detailed design. The result? An evolved, beautiful home built with heart. Two former schoolteachers living in the Schoolhouse: perfect together.” – John and Lydia

“Building at Olde Bulltown is an exceptional experience. From the first meeting with Dave and Merle Stoltzfus you start to feel at home. Long before they break ground you realize you made the right decision. You also understand that everyone involved truly cares about the end product. The workmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Throughout the process you get to know your new neighbors and soon after you move in your neighbors quickly become family.” – Tammy


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